Nets Forward Bringing First Ever Hooters to Russia

Brooklyn Nets forward Andrei Kirilenko has big, bustling business plans for his home country of Russia. The NBA player will open Russia’s first ever outpost of the “delightfully tacky,... read more

Whoopi Goldberg Blogs about her Vaporizer for The Cannabist

In her debut column for The Cannabist, a Colorado-based marijuana enthusiasts’ portal, actress–comedienne Whoopi Goldberg penned a love letter to her vape pen. First of all, you’re... read more

Aziz Ansari Finally Has His Own Food Show and It's on a Boat

Aziz Ansari is perhaps best recognized as the comedian who plays the thinly-veiled version of himself on NBC’s Parks and Recreation (“Love fades away. But things? Things are forever... read more

Coffee Shop Featured in "Girls" to Bump Out a Starbucks

Move over, iced mocha Frappuccino, it seems that the hipster coffee has won this time around. Café Grumpy, the coffee-connoisseur’s cafe in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, blew up in popularity... read more

Food and Wine’s Best New Chefs Honored at Annual Gala Event

Food and Wine Magazine’s Best New Chefs Awards honor the rising stars in the culinary world, many of whom go on to become James Beard award winners and household names in the industry like... read more

It’s Baseball Opening Day!: What Are Players Eating?

You can almost hear the crack of the bats, and the muffled calls of “get your beer here!” from vendors. Yes, baseball is back, and with all major league opening days happening in the last... read more

Taco Bell Will Give Canada Breakfast When Bieber Goes Back

Taco Bell’s president dished out a burn that had absolutely nothing to do with the after-effects of a late-night T-Bell run. In President Brian Niccol’s Reddit AMA (short for Ask Me... read more

The Fashion Crowd’s Favorite New York Restaurants

The Fashion Crowd’s Favorite New York Restaurants
In fashion, we are creatures of habit, going back to the same labels and names as a way to filter through myriad options. Of course there are the occasional urges to try something new, but at... read more