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641 Vallejo St (btwn Columbus & Stockton)
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 986-8998
Mon–Thu, Sun: 5:00 PM–10:00 PM Fri–Sat: 5:00 PM–11:00 PM
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Foursquare Tips
One of the best deals on the menu is the side of three meatballs for $5. Theyre made with beef and pork and cream and are just fantastic.
2014-08-03 17:47:04
OMG first time i ate one slice and I'm done. Best deep dish in North Beach
2014-05-23 00:19:34
The Quattro Forni is overhyped. It's so much bread it killed our appetite for pizza which is why we came! Get the stuffed bell pepper and Babera D'Asti red vino.
2012-12-19 23:55:12
The Frank Nitti & Haight Ashbury were outstanding and loved by the vegetarians and non-vegetarians in our group. The cast iron option was our favorite, thanks to the thick, airy dough and cheesy crust
2014-08-10 05:01:41
Red booths, goblets of wine, Al Capone pics on the walleverything you'd expect from a North Beach pizza place. But it's also home to some of the most wondrous, deep-dish pizza pies in the City.
2014-08-03 18:06:02
Come hungry. Leave STUFFED.
2013-12-28 23:25:23
They accept credit cards as of 12/12/13
2013-12-19 23:34:06
Try the garlic bread - its awesome! Tip: take an Uber in North Beach for FREE (up to $20) anytime between now until Friday 12/20/13 using the promo code NorthBeachSF. (Excludes TAXI). #NBSF
2013-12-17 19:42:35
Variation of Tony's, no wait! THE best garlic bread. Perfectly seasoned, each piece topped w/ a piece of confit garlic. YUM. Get anything w/ their spicy honey calabrese sausage-crazy delicious combo
2013-07-13 21:26:05
Great flavors. Try the amazing sides:, sauted spinach, vesuvio potatoes, baked carrots and more!
2013-07-03 22:31:33
One pan (not deep dish) was enough for 3 guys.
2013-03-11 13:24:41
Wow. Great deep dish. Go hungry. Watch the appetizers so you don't get too full. Caesar salad was a nice starter for 3 of us. There was a complementary soup too.
2013-01-13 16:50:22
The Easter colors reflect in a Margarita mixed with Pueblo Viejo. Get yours here at Capo's!
Pueblo Viejo Tequila
2016-03-28 15:59:30
If you want to freshen up with a delicious cocktail at Capo's, try a Paloma mixed with Pueblo Viejo Blanco.
Pueblo Viejo Tequila
2016-03-01 14:36:56
The antipasti was lovely! Hand shaved by a machine in the window the Parma was lovely.
2016-02-19 16:14:17
When you visit Capo's, start by ordering a delicious cocktail mixed with Pueblo Viejo Blanco.
Pueblo Viejo Tequila
2016-02-11 11:36:12
The meals come with an appetizer minestrone soup served in cool old-timey bowls.
2016-01-01 15:46:26
If you are in Capo's, try a Margarita with Pueblo Viejo Blanco.
Pueblo Viejo Tequila
2015-12-07 13:33:12
Pizza was really good. As a huge thick crust fan, the deep dish crust was lacking
2015-10-07 15:03:16
You want to order the deep dish pizza. It's monstrously big and just delicious
2015-04-28 08:59:51