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Alex Kim
One of the best bahn mi's I've ever tried in the bay. Definitely worth a try.
Josh Wentz
great banh mi sandwich, only $3.25
Josh Wentz
great banh mi sandwich, only $3.25
Jim James
$2.75 for superb bahn mi sandwiches. Crispy but light French bread stuffed with your choice of meats, shredded carrots, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeƱos(on the side for me), and more. They don't skimp.
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The best Vietnamese sandwiches in Oakland
Peggy Lien
Solid banh mi. Bread is on the dry side though.
Linda Wieczorek
Lines out the door for sandwiches.
Isaiah Duty
$3 BBQ Bacon Bahn Mi 8 inch Sandwich = Amazing
Giovanni Bryden Jr.
Bring cash or be prepared to pay as much in ATM fees as it costs to buy a sandwich ($2.50).
Donald Fong
Great deeelish and cheap 'nam-witch'
Daniel Hollenbach
Best banh mi in Oakland
Brent Tam
Remember to check the steam table to see what's fresh. A small box of food and a sandwich comes out to be under $5. You can't beat that.
Joshua P.
A lot of stuff to pick from under glass, but trust me most come here for the sandwiches.
Lee McEachern
The #1 sandwich is the way to go.
Samuel Carstensen
Excellent Banh Mi for a great price.
there is no line (until the counter space is full). move up to the counter, place your order when someone asks if they can help you, then step back against the wall. everything will work itself out.
Cat S
For vegetarians get the veggie sandwich, with extra hot peppers!
Rich Walter
great sandwiches on vietnamese french bread
Erin Yelda
Get the #1 banh mi with extra pate. Feels super decadent and tasty, for only $3.
best banh mi in the east bay. i recommend the beef onion or roast pork but strangely not the chicken. great spring rolls and cheap combo plates. the earlier in the day, the fresher everything is.
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