Brussels Getting 'Temple' Dedicated to Belgian Beer

A project called the 'Temple of Belgian Beer' has been given the green light
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Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

We already have a ramen museum (and a gelato university) so why wouldn't we have a "Temple of Belgian Beer"?

Beer lovers can now rejoice, as Brussels, Belgium is planning to turn an old stock exchange building into a "beer temple," which we imagine would be a place to enjoy and learn about Belgian beer.

The 19th century building was abandoned in 1996 and since them has become a site for temporary exhibitions, AFP reports. The exhibit will hopefully open by 2018 to attract some 400,000 visitors a year, Philippse Close, deputy Brussels mayor for tourism, said.

Given Belgium's 150 breweries, it makes sense to have a space dedicated to the country's brew. "Beer is to Belgium what wine is to France, it gives our small country a real identity," Sven Gatz of the brewers' federation, told AFP. We can only imagine that plenty of beer aficionados will be making annual trips to the temple; we can only hope beer-steamed mussels will also be served.

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