101 Best Pizzas in America

101 Best Pizzas in America
Ask the average person who makes the best pizza, or read articles, blogs, and best-of lists by pizza “experts,” or wade into online comments, and you’ll find that there is a light... read more

America’s Most Outrageous Brunch Dishes

Brunch is one of America’s guiltiest pleasures. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends, people spend their time piling into restaurants and waiting in line to indulge in over-the-top cocktails and... read more

8 Completely Ridiculous Restaurant Commercials From the 1980s

Unless you’re a chain restaurant with a big marketing budget, odds are you’re not going to be doing too much in the way of television advertising these days. Commercials for non-chain... read more

America’s 35 Best Hot Dogs

The hot dog is one of the few foods that’s nearly impossible to screw up. You heat it through, tuck it into a bun, squirt on some mustard, and call it lunch. But there’s a big difference... read more

The Most Outrageous Canned Dog Food Brands

When it comes time to feed the dog, most of us reach for a bag of mass-market dog chow or crack open a can of mushy brown stuff, not giving much thought to the subtle nuances and flavor profiles of... read more

What You Might Have Missed: 2012 in Eat/Dine

Uni Pizza
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10 Best Burritos in America

Of all the culinary creations in the world, few single items encompass an entire meal quite like the burrito: meat, beans, rice, salsa, maybe some vegetables, all wrapped up in that versatile food... read more

The Top 50 Cupcakes in America

Cupcakes from Huckleberry Bakery and Cafe in California.
It’s a fact: America loves cupcakes. These cute little confections first stole our hearts on a national level in the early 2000s thanks to a famous reference from Sex and the City. Soon,... read more