Best White Bread Recipes - The Daily Meal

Turkey Slices
What to do with leftover turkey? It doesn’t get any easier than this. Feel free to add some greens to add some crunch to the sandwich.
Eggplant with Buttermilk Sauce
I can’t think of a more rustically elegant (is that a contradiction in terms?) starter. Serve with some robust white bread or pita and you'll be in food heaven. In the recipe you’ll find Sami Tamimi’s technique for getting the...
The coolest thing since sliced bread : ice cream on toast? You bet. Crispy-warm and frosty-sweet all at once, these real-deal ice cream sandwiches will rock your family’s summer.
Instead of using white bread to make your French toast in the morning, step outside of the box. Try slices of cornbread — we promise that it is just as good, if not better.
Los Angeles' favorite pizza joint, Mulberry Street Pizzeria , serves up more than just a good New York-style pizza. Created by founder Richie Palmer and his good friend Sly Stallone, this meatball recipe is simple but authentic in flavor. To...
Turkey Tenderloin Cranberry Sandwich
If you want a holiday recipe without the fuss then this is the perfect recipe. Make a turkey tenderloin sandwich with cranberry sauce and cheese.
Nashville-Style Hot Chicken
It’s fiery. It overtakes your taste buds and burns your mouth in just the right way. Nashville hot chicken allegedly born out of infidelity is nothing less than a Music City tradition — spicy, greasy, and indulgent.
"Child Friendly" plum cake is so named because the girl in the video bakes in the company of her little niece, not my recipe, but I wanted to share, the recipe as well as the video:) Its a traditional Jewish-Hungarian...
Beef Ribs
Whenever I see beef rib racks at the local market during the summer I’m tempted to buy, buy, buy. However, I have to limit myself to making these once a month during the summer, not once a week. These meaty...
Amy's Bread
At Amy’s Bread we make our crusty rectangles of Rustic Italian bread in two sizes, as well as long skinny Filone and Country White Boules. This white bread with an airy open crumb is our version of ciabatta bread. We...