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Quick and Crunchy Collard Greens
Collards are typically stewed or braised. Here, they’re cut into strips and quickly sautéed — remaining very crunchy, full of flavor and texture.
Short Rib Ragu
When the weather turns cold, we start to crave warm, comforting dishes like soups , stews, and braises. But who has time to sit at home twiddling their thumbs while a braise cooks in the oven for hours on end?...
Ingredients: 3 tablespoons pure olive oil 1 1/2 pounds beef chuck in 1 piece Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper 10 cups beef stock or low-sodium broth 3/4 cup Madeira 1/2 pound wild rice (1 1/4 cups) 1 medium onion, very finely chopped 2 carrots, ...
Robust Italian Stew: Wine-Braised Beef Over Creamy Polent
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Ingredients3.00 tablespoon Olive Oil: Extra Virgin7.00 lb Beef Chuck Roast: 1" Cubes Large Onion: Minced0.25 cup Fresh Italian Parsley: Chop3.00 each Garlic Cloves: Chopped2.00 each Bay Leaves0.25 teaspoon Cloves: Ground0.25 teaspoon Cinnamon: ...