Best Sandwiches Recipes - The Daily Meal

Chicken kabobs
This simple Lebanese grilled chicken dish is often served with grilled ground lamb kebabs and grilled vegetable. You can also serve it in a pita as a sandwich.
Roast Beef with Gorgonzola
This high-protein, high-fiber, open-faced sandwich goes easy on the carbs, which makes it a lunchtime go-to if you're looking to slim down or stay lean. Click here to see 11 Open-Faced Sandwiches for Summer .
Croque Madame
My favorite place to eat Croque Madame or Monsieur (the difference being that the Monsieur is a closed sandwich while the Madame is open-faced) is in Café de Flore in St. Germain, in Paris. It’s a very simple, bistro-style café...
Jason Sobocinski suggests serving this peppery sandwich with Sonoma County Merlot from St. Francis Winery, as the strawberries bring out the wine's notes of black fruit, herbs, and hints of chocolate. Click here to learn how to pair wine with...
Maple Chicken WaffleWich
Who says breakfast should have all the fun? Lunch wants a turn too!
Tuna BLT with Olive Tapenade and Oregano Dressing
This is a BLT with class and sophistication — a topping of olive tapenade and homemade oregano dressing lends an Italian twist to the venerated classic sandwich . Don't let its decidedly upmarket ingredients fool you; this is no dainty...
Nacho Mama’s Grilled Cheese
A grilled cheese recipe that tastes like a piled-high plate of nachos ? Yes, please! This easy-to-make sandwich recipe, courtesy of GoGo squeeZ , can be prepared with whole wheat bread for a healthier version of one of our favorite...
Add a spicy kick to your next panini. The touch of spicy mustard completes this delicious sandwich.
Pickle Slaw
A crunchy and spicy topping that works well on top of these barbecued beef sandwiches .
Just combine these six ingredients, and you'll have mustard for your daily sandwich.