Puerto Rican

Best Puerto Rican Recipes

Shopping Tips

A blend of European and African cuisine, Puerto Rican food is familiar with a flare. Keep Spanish stables like rice and beans on hand and brighten up the dish with citrus and fruit flavors.

Cooking How-tos

Puerto Rican cuisine is all about the combinations of flavors, but most build on the foundation of a sofrito - onions, garlic, tomatoes, red peppers, and cilantro.

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Time does not include chilling.
Mix Kahlua and Cr?me de Banana in a shaker with ice.Strain into a shot glass.Float the 151 on top.
This is a common base to many latin and island meals. Many countries have their own take on it and this is one with a Puerto Rican and Dominican blend. It has a lot of components so you can harmlessly omit one or two without much harm to the recipe.