Top Rated Pretzel Burger Recipes

Wendy’s unveiled its Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger this summer in the hopes of creating a frenzy — and they succeeded. Their new burger is a reincarnation of their "Hot ‘N Juicy" cheeseburger with a honey mustard sauce, Cheddar cheese, and applewood-smoked bacon, nestled in the middle of a warm artisanal pretzel bun. Other fast-food restaurants have launched pretzel bun sandwiches of their own, including Dunkin’ Donuts’ Pretzel Roll Roast Beef Sandwich, Sonic’s Pretzel Dogs, and Ruby Tuesday’s full menu of Pretzel Burgers. The variations are endless, so we've given you a start with a pretzel bun recipe. Click here to see How to Make 5 Trendy Burgers at Home
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Another great tailgating recipe - these are yummy hearty burgers! From "5-Ingredient Grilling"...