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Poached Green Tea Tarragon Chicken
Cooking with tea is one of my favorite ways to create a unique taste in any dish, from rice to tofu and chicken to stews... Not only does this green tea create an incredible aroma and delicious taste, it’s full...
Olive Oil-Poached Bacalhau and Golden Potatoes with Spring Onions and Olives
Bacalhau, or bacalao, is a traditional Spanish/Portuguese dish consisting of salt cod. This humble dish is transformed into a complete meal with some sautéed Yukon Gold potatoes and spring onions. It may be a bit of a project, but a...
Easy Poached Fish with Tomatoes and Couscous Recipe
An easy, healthy, and filling recipe that doesn't break the bank — and tastes delicious. When coming up with a recipe that would serve (and satisfy) two people for less than $10, I was a little worried because I wanted...
Chilled Poached Salmon Salad with Honey-Yogurt Dressing
Serve this simple salad with chilled salmon during the spring and summer, but it also can be served warm during the fall and winter. Sweeten up a yogurt-dill sauce with some honey .
Rib Eye
No, this beef recipe is not cheap. No, it’s definitely not diet-friendly, and yes, it is definitely decadent. Here is chef Michael Mina’s recipe for a night in that will feel like a night out. — Will Budiaman Click here...
beet sorbet
Serve this delicious beet sorbet with a homemade chocolate panna cotta or top your pecan pie with this vibrant, sweet sorbet. This recipe is courtesy of Manoir Hovey in Quebec.
Perfect Poached Eggs
Don’t be intimidated by poached eggs. This recipe shows you how to perfect poach them and has creative and flavorful sides that will be a total hit at your next brunch.
In this recipe, Andrea Di Loreto, Executive Chef at the Kenwood Inn and Spa , pairs creamy garlic-whipped potatoes and black mission figs, poached in an earthy red wine, with a wild fennel pollen-dusted roast pork tenderloin. It is a...
Poached pear
This simple, fruit-based dessert may seem a bit too plain for your tastes, but when the multiple components are combined the result is surprisingly good. While the recipe is for an orange-flavored pound cake, you can also substitute in lemon...
Serve with cold poached salmon, Dublin Bay prawns, and other fish and shellfish.