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Just as the restaurant does, this burger recipe receives critical acclaim for giving an American classic a taste of international flair.
The good news is that you can prepare this heirloom tomato Bloody Mary mix in advance of your party, and just add vodka when the drinking time comes. The recipe comes from Ostra Restaurant at the Mokara Hotel and Spa...
You might think this Bloody Mary is sweet, but it's got a kick, thanks to jalepeno slices and Stoli Hot vodka. The recipe comes from Terence Mooney at the W San Diego, and costs $8.
What makes this Bloody Mary stand out from the others? Honey and pineapple juice gives the cocktail a sweet and savory combination.
The name says enough, but in case you need more encouragement to try this recipe, these deviled eggs get their kick from Tabasco and pickled jalapeños.
Down south, New Orleans offers distinctive and indigenous world famous cuisine. We've replaced typical red tomato juice with green tomato juice and added local Creole seasonings.
For your next tailgating party, make these sliders. With a limited cost of store-bought ingredients, they're fun and great to serve when you have a lot of people coming over.
Roasted Halibut with Sichuan Eggplants Recipe
The flavor of the eggplant in this dish is based on the style of cooking found in the province of Sichuan in China. If you can find them, fiery Sichuan peppercorns — roasted and ground — give this dish its...
BBQ Pork Sandwich
A product of French colonialism in Vietnam, this ever so popular sandwich is the perfect combination of east and west. Ideal for a simple lunch or dinner, make the pickled vegetables and BBQ Pork ahead to save on time.
If you’ve done pulled pork and chili too much this past season, this chicken burger recipe is great to serve for the playoffs. Towering high with pickles, banana peppers, and a spicy Jamaican sauce, these will put beef burgers to...