Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak Shopping Tips

Spices and dried herbs have a shelf life too, and lose potency over time. The rule of thumb is, if your spices are over two years old, it's time to buy some new ones.

Mysore Pak Cooking How-Tos

Toasting whole spices before using them intensifies their aroma and flavor.

More On Mysore Pak

This delicious fudge from South India has a granular texture. Do not be alarmed by the amount of ghee mentioned in the recipe as most of it is drained out at the end of the cooking process.
Description Are you looking for simple way to make Mysore Pak? This recipe is perfect for you. This recipe is especially suitable for kids. Mysore Pak is a delicious Indian sweet. It is a very popular sweet in Karnataka and usually served as dessert ...