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Makes for a pretty presentation. Prep time includes marinating time.
Marinated olives from your own kitchen? You bet! It's an easy 10 minute prep.
Betty Crocker
Ideal for a cocktail buffet, these appetizer shrimp are marinated for only 30 minutes and quite flavorful without any sauce. Serve with toothpicks.
Cooking Light APRIL 2005
Marinated Oranges recipe. Ready In: 2hrs 20mins Makes 4-6 servings servings 219 per serving Ingredients: oranges, liqueur, sugar
Marinated Swordfish recipe. Ready In: 1 hr 15 Makes servings 261 per serving Ingredients: swordfish steaks, olive oil, white wine, basil, salt, black pepper, lemon juice, garlic, red onion
Marinated Prawns recipe. Ready In: 2 days Makes 8 servings 438 per serving Ingredients: prawns, onion, garlic cloves, oregano, chilies, vegetable oil, white vinegar, carrots, salt and black pepper, green olives
You can make this appetizer up to a day before you plan to serve it. When it marinates overnight, it has more flavor. Triple the serving size for a hearty meatless lunch.
Carolyn Williams, Oxmoor House Healthy Eating Collection, Oxmoor House 2006
Natures candy-to me that is! If I was offered this over the most decadent desert avaliable, without batting my eye I would choose this. Amount of servings is just an estimate. *Cook time reflects marinating*
I love to make this dish with fresh tomatoes from my garden (if I'm lucky) or the farmer's market. The marinade really enhances the sweetness and juiciness of the tomatoes. This is very quick and simple to prepare. Prep time...
Ingredients: 8 Steak Chunks, 1 oz wt pieces Your Favorite Teriyaki Marinade 1/2 Cup Place all the ingredients in a bowl and toss to coat and evenly mix. Cover and place on the bottom level of your refrigerator and let...