Best Marinated Recipes | Marinated Recipe Ideas

Avocado, Tomato and Chickpea Salad
Created as part of ou r under-500 calorie menu , this salad is extremely easy to throw together and can be used with a variety of beans, herbs and vegetables. A quick note: the longer you allow the ingredients to...
Mel's Jacked O' Lantern
Each month, Mel's Burger Bar in New York City introduces a spiked milkshake inspired by the season. October's Jacked O'Lantern is perfect for Halloween, featuring custom-made pumpkin ice cream from New York manufacturer Max and Mina's . To prepare the...
Salmon Teriyaki with Watermelon and Arugula
The combination of warm and soft salmon texture with juicy, cold watermelon and mildly bitter arugula taste will make your mealtime memorable. You'll definitely want to add this dish to your regular menu. See all arugula recipes .
Smoked Ostrich Steaks
A simple marinade keeps these ostrich steaks moist and tender as they cook. Ostrich is a lean source of protein that is closer in flavor and appearance to red meat than poultry. Try serving these as an alternative to beef...
Pickapeppa sauce is one of Jamaica's most cherished treasures, and this recipe uses it to marinated and braise chicken thighs to create flavorful and tender pulled chicken.
Easy Halibut Ceviche
Looking for a simple, creative fish recipe for summer? Try this Peruvian-style ceviche which features fresh halibut, aji peppers, and sweet white corn for a delicious, refreshing treat. It's perfect with a side of Peruvian purple potatoes.
Everyone will love this gluten-free cherry-blueberry crumble, made from fresh ripe fruit and topped with a large scoop of whipped cream.
These meaty mushrooms marinate in a delicious balsamic vinaigrette, are grilled to prefection, and served warm.
Shrimp and Scallop Ceviche
There's nothing quite like a bit of refreshing ceviche on a sunny, warm day to help cool things down a bit. This shrimp and scallop version takes on the simple flavors of lemon and lime, dressed up with mango, jicama,...
To get a tender, flavorful steak, this recipe marinates top sirloin cuts in a mixture made with sherry, lime juice, and soy sauce, and then coats it in a spicy mustard before grilling so that it gets a nice, crisp...