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Ingredients: 10 oz chopped frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed dry 1 head broccoli cut into floweretts salt and pepper 1 lb. corkscrew pasta 1 cup provalone cheese, shredded 1 cup parmesan cheese, shredded 1 cup asiago cheese, shredded 3 TBS butter ...
This recipe is on the inside of the Velveeta Cheese box. I also found it on the Cookin' With Good Morning America website. It's very rich and I found that you need to cook your macaroni first.
True Texas
I used to hate macaroni and cheese unless it was made with the blue box and powdered nonfood "cheese". Thank college for that. Gradually I upgraded to adding tuna and peas until I became a foodie. I then started to...
Chef Messy Missy
It a fancy Mac & Cheese but with penne so I guess it's Penne & Cheese. Ah... what the heck. We'll call it Pasta in a Cheese Sauce. Now it's not kid's food.
Chef #252455
This winter favorite is the perfect warm-up meal. For extra zing, try a sharper cheese, like Canadian cheddar cheese, aged 5 years. It will deepen the flavor of this dish beautifully.
Chef mariajane
Martha Stewart and her mother pay tribute to Gramma's recipe while calling upon a few of the more traditional additions such a grated Swiss.
Ashley Lopez
This is a very rich and unique macaroni and cheese dish. The recipe is so easy to make, and the outcome so delicious you may never eat Kraft Mac and Cheese again! This recipe was inspired by one I saw...
Stefany Anne
Our mac-and-cheese makeover wins raves of approval, having all the comfort and great taste of its predecessors with a substantially more healthful profile. It uses whole-wheat pasta and includes a colorful layer of spinach. It's also a winner for make-ahead...
This is a cheezy homemade mac & cheese
This is the simplest recipe for mac & cheese I have ever seen. You can add meat ex. diced ham and or green onion for color and flavor.
UT Theta Chef