Shopping Tips

Italian food is about simplicity and letting the ingredients shine. So make sure you get ingredients that are great quality and flavor. Farmers markets and specialty stores will have great produce and products. Just be sure to have some great olive oil.

Cooking How-tos

Unlike other highly regarded cuisines, Italian cooking is usually simple to make with many dishes having only 4 to 8 ingredients. Italian cooks rely chiefly on the quality of the ingredients rather than on elaborate preparation.

More On lasagna

Easy and good lasagna.
I like thick lasagna, so this recipe is for a square dish. If you need a 9x13 size lasagna, I would double this, especially the meat and sauce...never seems to be enough :) Lasagna can be made a day ahead and put in fridge, or several days ahead, if covered properly and put in freezer.
Ingredients: Ingredients * 2 pound dried lasagna noodles * Extra-virgin olive oil * 2 pounds ground beef * 2 pound ground Italian sausage * 1 onion, chopped * 2 cloves garlic, sliced * 3 carrots, chopped * 2 stalks celery, chopped * 2 tablespoons ...