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Although chocolate and raspberry are a luxurious combination, these beautifully layered ice pops are surprisingly light. They're a refreshing dessert after an alfresco meal, or a perfect treat on a hot afternoon.
These tricolored pops are made by freezing layers of juice in a mold. Use a white, an orange and a yellow juice to match the colors of candy corn.
To make these ice pops non-alcoholic, substitute freshly squeezed orange juice for the tequila.
Nothing beats the cool and refreshing taste of citrus drinks or ice-cold treats on a hot summer day. When the weather justifies the need for tank tops, shorts, and flip-flops, I start making my favorite ice pops . Inspired by...
A sure way to make kids smile, this frozen treat is a healthy and tropical way to start the morning.
These ice pops are sweet enough for dessert but healthy enough to be served for breakfast.
Shoot to Chill Ice Pops
They say absinthe makes the heart grow fonder. After a couple of these you might go absinthe without leave in the nearest asylum with your felt-tips like Van Gogh, who was said to paint under a burning green absinthe haze...
The royalty in this recipe comes from how healthy it is. Made with Blueberry Juice , they're a treat for your kids and good for them, too.
These tasty pops are perfect for an afterschool snack!
Applesauce Ice Pops
Nothing says summer like ice pops . Flavors are limitless. If it can be frozen, it be an ice pop! Applesauce ice pops are good snacks for both children and adults. Pureéd applesauces work best and can be thinned out...
This take on a classic frozen treat is both refreshing and bursting with bright orange flavor. Made with yogurt and fresh orange juice, this tasty ice pop is a healthy choice for a summer sweet tooth. Click here to see...
If you can't vacation to a tropical location this summer, you can at least make these ice pops . This frozen treat is full of pineapple, bananas, and healthy coconut water. Not only are they refreshing and cool, but this...
Samuel Adams' Summer Ale + grapefruit and lemon? You won't find such a sweet treat anywhere else this summer. (And you might just have some beer leftover.)