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Gluten free madelene cookies, created by the need for gluten free cookies for my grandchild
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The name is straight to the point....LOL. My grandmother has been making these cookies all my life. We have always just called them cookies. The rice krispies in these really give the cookies some crunch.
Be surprised by a delightful ginger taste within this classic oatmeal raisin cookie.
Not only can you make chocolate hazelnut spread bread , but you can make chocolate hazelnut spread cookies too!
It's important to weigh the nuts for accurate amounts, as volume can differ enormously. Extra cookies keep well, covered in plastic wrap and frozen.
Chocolate cookies become deliciously mocha flavored with coffee extract. Click here to see 10 New Recipes to Rock your Bake Sale Click here to see Our 50 Best Cookie Recipes
Toasting the oats adds great flavor to these simple oat cookies, sweetened with maple syrup and flavored with warm spices. Click here to see Our 50 Best Cookie Recipes
These fragrant mandarin and coconut cookies pack loads of flavor. Click here to see Our 50 Best Cookie Recipes
Sweet Jewel Box Cookies
These beautiful baubles are sweet to eat and perfect for adding some sparkle to your holiday fare. My cookies are blue and white with turquoise sugar, plus pink and white with red sugar, but any color combination works so let...
Thumbprint with raspberry compote
The title of these cookies is inspired by the slightly crumbly cake-like texture. This recipe requires 3 steps, only 6 ingredients, and 12 minutes. Enjoy these homemade cookies with gourmet flavor. Recipe highlights: Base: raw organic cacao powder (instead of...
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies
I have to admit that baking is not my forte. I used to love baking in high school and would always be popping this or that in the oven, but I fell of that bandwagon once college hit and have...
Eggnog Trifle with Gingersnap Cookies
Gingersnap cookies layered in with pastry cream lend a pleasant spiced crunch to this classic holiday dessert. Feel free to use store-bought gingersnap cookies for a quick shortcut. Click here to see Best Recipes Using Cookies .