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These cookies put a healthy spin on the classic chocolate cookie with hidden ingredients like blueberries and spinach. Don't worry, the healthier ingredients won't mask the intense chocolate flavor.
These soft and cakey half-and-half cookies are the perfect palette for your favorite sprinkles, jimmies, confetti, or dragées in elegant shades of black and white. Click here to see Our 50 Best Cookie Recipes
Now’s your chance to take your "embroidery" and baking skills to the next level with this twist on a sugar cookie classic. Honestly, what better compliment could a stitching artist receive than to have her work devoured by a hungry...
Triple Chocolate Cookies
This cookie is a great holiday dessert , but will satisfy your sweet tooth any time of year. Click Here to See More Cookie Recipes
There's no better way to turn your baked goods into a holiday specialty than by making them into an ornament. I'll poke a whole through the top of the cookies before baking so that I can string a ribbon through...
Belgium may be more well known in the United States for its waffles, but I recently discovered this wonderful spread that originates from there called Biscoff Cookie Spread, which works great in an oatmeal cookie recipe.
These crunchy sweet cranberry orange cookies are sprinkled with orange sugar for extra holiday sparkle! Click here to see Our 50 Best Cookie Recipes
Oatmeal Cookies
Until Bob’s Red Mill came up with a totally affordable gluten-free oat, you would never have seen these in the bakery. Thank all that is holy — once again, for Bob’s! Today these o atmeal cookies are a best seller...
These bloody eyeballs are the perfect scary treat for a Halloween zombie party.
Chocolate Chip Cookies
I'll be the first to admit it: I swore One Girl Cookies would never make a chocolate chip cookie . Why bother? There were a million variations out in the world, many of them pretty tasty. My feeling was "Why...