25 Best Chitlin Recipes

Chitlins with Rice

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Preheat over to 350 degrees. Spray an 8-inch square or 9 inch round baking pan with a light coating of vegetable oil. Set aside.In a large bowl, beat the ...

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Chitlins and Maw

Total Time 320 min

Chitlins and Maw recipe. Ready In: 5 hr 30 min Makes 10 servings 210 per serving Ingredients: pork, salt, red pepper flakes, celery, onions, green bell ...

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Fried Chitterlings Chitlins)

Posted By Zaphro
Total Time 150 min

If you can stand the smell of them cooking, the end product is worth it.

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Chitterlings - Chitlins

Posted By Molly53
Total Time 96 min

Our frugal forefathers used everything but the squeal at butchering time. Chitterlings (small intestines of hogs) are available at Southern butcher shops. ...

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Chitlins A La California

Posted By mightyro_cooking4u
Total Time 390 min

From The Black Family Reunion cookbook. Delia Johnson, Caterer Johnson's Catering-Heritage Recipe

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Creole Chitterlings (Chitlins)


Total Time 380 min

There are some recipes that are called Southern however, the Creole and Cajun culture in itself cooks different than the rest of the south. I believe this ...

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