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London Broil
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Next time you're looking to spruce up your favorite Mexican dish, this version by Aarón Sanchez will give a spicy kick of flavor.
These are a spin on the popular bacon-wrapped dates; I just add a nutty twist to it. If you’re not in the mood to fry, skip the grapes (although I strongly suggest you don’t), but making the peanut-honey-cayenne purée to...
All-American Cheeseburger Soup
Here's a fun and tasty soup recipe the whole family can enjoy. For the full cheeseburger effect, serve on toasted buns with all the fixings.
Everything you love about French Onion soup, compressed between two pieces of bread: sweet caramelized onions cooked in rich beef stock, Gruyère, and fresh thyme. A two-for-one soup and a sandwich.
This melt is inspired by a Cheddar-apple pie, a genius and savory twist on everyone's favorite all-American dessert. This recipe keeps the apples sweet but gives them a savory edge with sharp Cheddar and tarragon for a hint of licorice...
To turn a ham and cheese into a bistro-ready Croque Monsieur, bring 1 cup of whole milk to a simmer in a saucepot. Mix together 1 tablespoon softened unsalted butter and 1 tablespoon flour to create a paste, and then...
Chobani yogurt, or any Greek yogurt you can find, adds creaminess and a subtle sweet flavor to offset the tang of the mango salsa, creating the perfect topping to your fish tacos. Click here to see more recipes that use...
This is a quick and easy sandwich that gives a slight kick of heat. Have this one on hand when you want to impress your guests.
Steak doesn't always require a fork and knife, and this recipe has you slice up tender grilled New York Strip steaks to serve on top of a crostini with whipped cream cheese and red pepper pesto.
There's nothing better than a brownie, and these s'mores brownies take the favorite dessert to the next level by adding the elements of a s'more to it.Click Click here to see More S'mores Than You Know What To Do With.