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Basil and Tomato-Feta Bruschetta
Got the tomatoes. Got the basil. Check and check. But news flash—we think bruschetta is betta with feta. Check it out and see if you agree. Prepare using your favorite variety of ATHENOS Crumbled Feta Cheese .
Probably one of my favorite ways to serve salad is with some sort of fruit in it. When strawberries are in season, I slice them in half and toss them with crisp lettuce, creamy cheese and chicken or steak. The...
"This simple chicken entrée is packed with flavor. Any leftover chicken can be sliced and turned into a delicious chicken sandwich ." — Kerry Dunnington, author of This Book Cooks
Feta-Stuffed Chicken Burgers
Here’s a delightful twist on the average turkey burger — it’s chicken instead, and stuffed with feta! It’s perfect for entertaining or a quick and easy weeknight meal.
From the mind (and kitchen) of acclaimed chef Jimmy Bradley, this baked fontina is creamy and rich, and is sure to warm up your heart in just a few bites. With simple flavors that add to the depth of the...
Bacon and Tomato Open-Faced Bagel Melt
Who says bagels are only for breakfast? With the addition of bacon, tomato, and melted provolone, a toasted bagel quickly becomes an easy lunch to take to school or work. For best results, use a freshly baked bagel, not the...
This classic Italian recipe is easy and fast to make, and delivers the authentic tastes of Pasty's restaurant in New York City right to your dinner table.
Recipe available from the Caribbean Shopping Channel
A fruity complement to turkey is not a new concept — we’ve been eating cranberry sauce with our Thanksgiving turkey for ages, but the thought of creating a fruity condiment to complement turkey burgers surprised us, in a good way...
This recipe puts an elegant twist on the classic breakfast sandwich, combining iron-rich spinach with a fried egg and smoked Cheddar cheese for a nutritious and satisfying start to the day, or to any part of the day.