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Try Blanches Hominy from - 59332
Some recipes call for blanched almonds (almonds with their skins removed). This is a quick and easy way to do this, about 5 minutes. Afterward, you can prepare them as you like, whole, halved, or slivered.
Kale Pesto
A healthy, kale pesto that works well over pasta or thin strips of yuba.
Strozzapreti with Ramps
At Tarallucci e Vino, we make our "strozzapreti" pasta by hand, from scratch, but you can use any high-quality medium pasta — fresh, if possible. Click here to see In Season: Ramps .
This easy shrimp ceviche is seasoned with a little lime, lemon, and orange juice, and given texture from avocados, cucumbers, and radishes.
Dish with Diane: Chef Frédéric Duca's Seared Scallops, Green Asparagus, and "Gre
Dish with Diane — a series all about getting healthy and delicious foods right from world-class chefs themselves, brings you these seared scallops; paired with blanched asparagus and a flavorful vinaigrette, they make a delicious and healthy meal. Click here...
Basil Pesto
Here's a classic basil sauce that won't turn brown the minute you toss it with hot pasta ! The trick: Blanching the basil before making the pesto. You may think that blanching the basil will take away some of its...
Don’t pay attention to the temperature! Grilling is the perfect year-round activity, especially when using a robust brew like Samuel Adams Boston Lager that has a rich malt and roast character; it’s the perfect beer to emphasize the wonderful flavors...
Halibut Cheeks
Since fish cheeks are the best part of the fish, and halibut's flavor is so light, you hardly have to do anything to make it taste good. In this recipe, a quick poach in a soy sauce-based mixture is all...
Did you know that the broccoli stalk is the most flavorful part of the vegetable? Most broccoli recipes you see only call for florets, leading to the stalk getting dumped in the trash. This recipe makes good use of that...
Loaded with fresh herbs, this is a refreshing summer salad when you've overdone the tomato and mozzarella thing. Adding day-old chunks of toasted bread brushed with olive oil makes it a great version of panzanella.
Don't just boil your carrots for your next dinner party; glaze them. This recipe uses honey, butter, and an orange peel to infuse the carrots with a bright and rich flavor.