25 Best Miso Soup Recipes

Sesame Tuna with Soy Miso Dressing


Posted By Steve Gold
Total Time 24 min

This recipe is served at a seafood restaurant in Royal Oak, Michigan. The sesame covered tuna is done medium rare inside (almost like sushi) and has a ...

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Traditional Japanese Noodle Soup

Posted By JapGirl
Total Time 30 min

This is a tasty recipe I got while searching the web for a simple recipe to use for a demo speech for my Intro to Speech class. My family loves this and ...

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The Zen Of Tofu

Posted By Lioness
Total Time 55 min

The best Tofu dish ever - eat it by itself or combine with rice or sesame noodles and cashews for a meal. I have also tried using the sauce as a marinade & ...

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Japanese Take-Out Tempura With Dipping Sauce

Posted By TxGriffLover
Total Time 120 min

Tempura, the classic Japanese dish of lightly battered and fried vegetables and seafood, reflects all the essential qualities of Japanese cooking using the ...

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Making Dashi Soup Recipe


Posted By chefelaine
Total Time 0 min

DASHI soup is very versatile... Info taken from: http://www.bob-an.com/recipe/dailyjc/hints/dashi/dashi.html

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