The Best NFL Stadiums for Craft Beer

Beer is to football as oxygen is to life, right? After all, a cold beer goes hand in hand with the tailgates, hot dogs, and body paint that make up the NFL season. With the kickoff of the NFL season... read more

Heineken Can't Compete with Craft Beer, Says CEO

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Guinness Launches Seasonal 'Red Harvest' Stout

Guinness is hopping on the seasonal train, it seems. New reports say that Guinness, the maker of your beloved stout, is mixing it up with a red-hued beer, called the Red Harvest Stout. [slideshow:... read more

How to Blow Up a Keg, and Why

We must admit, as wasteful as it is, we really enjoy watching things get blown up (another reason why sabering champagne is super fun). So as the folks behind Rated RR (who have also blown up rows of... read more

Cool Off with a Kölsch

I've mentioned Kölsch before, but you might not know the whole story. The style, something between a lager and an ale, originated in Köln, Germany, where it was first brewed in about... read more

Ice Cream, Tomato Beer at Tokyo's Beer Garden

Beer | Beer Cocktails | Kirin Ichiban Garden
Perhaps it's time to say that flavored beers are just a part of life now? Not only is there avocado beer, lemon soda and beer, and peach beer, but now a beer garden in Japan is getting in on the... read more

4 Pumpkin Brews We're Excited For This Fall

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German Brewers Investigated for Price-Gouging Beers

Turns out, there was some truth to the allegations during last Oktoberfest that beers were just too expensive. New reports from Bloomberg show that authorities are investigating nearly a... read more