And Here Is Justin Timberlake's Bud Light Platinum Ad

Justin Timberlake
Did you guys watch the Grammys last night? Did you swoon over Justin Timberlake's pompadoured hair and bow tie? Did you envy the ridiculous amount of swag that was on stage when JT and Jay-Z... read more

Top 5 Breweries in Connecticut

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15 Awesome Craft Beers in a Can

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Justin Timberlake Suiting Up for Bud Light Platinum

Justin Timberlake
This is excellent: two of our photo editor's favorite topics in one story. Justin Timberlake of "Sexy Back" fame has partnered with (read: will be getting a lot of money from) Bud Light... read more

Want an IPA? There's a Glass for That

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New Beer for the New Year

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The Great Wall of Stouts

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