New Ice Creams from Magnum, and Other Products We Tried

New Ice Creams from Magnum: The always-decadent ice cream team at Magnum is back with more desserts! The Magnum Infinity bar, available in the U.S. for the first time, comes in two flavors: Magnum... read more

This Fried Chicken Sandwich Explodes PBR Beer in Your Mouth

It turns out hipsters can have their Pabst Blue Ribbon and eat it too. The burger joint PYT in Philadelphia is now serving up a burger topped with a Pabst Blue Ribbon-filled wonton that’s meant... read more

3,300-Year-Old Beer Recreated From Ancient Coffin’s Residue

The scientists over at Jurassic Park used ancient fossilized residue to create dinosaurs, but the Danish have found a safer (and arguably better) ancient artifact to resurrect: beer. The Danish... read more

Cheers! You Can Now Suck on a Beer Lollipop

It’s a pop that tastes just like a pint! Beer-flavored lollipops are finally here, made by the novelty candy company called Lollyphile, and we are left wondering why they haven’t been... read more

Not So Fast, Palcohol: Label Approvals 'Issued in Error'

Last week we discovered something called Palcohol, a powdered alcohol that follows the time-tested formula of: “just add water.” At the time of reporting, Palcohol had been approved by... read more

Sam Adams Helps Small Businesses Realize the American Dream

Sam Adams Chairman Jim Koch remembers what it’s like to be a young, struggling business. After all, he started out that way. That’s why he decided to go beyond what was expected of a... read more

FBI Agent Opens Up Beer Parlor in West Village

Don Borelli has gone from scoping out the bad guys to scoping out the best brews in town.  Borelli is a 30-year veteran of the FBI security and counter-terrorism force, who just recently... read more

Boutiques With Benefits: 10 Places To Shop & Drink

Boutiques With Benefits: 10 Places To Shop & Drink
With online and mobile shopping at an all-time high, brick-and-mortar stores are feeling the pressure to make their shopping experience as worthwhile as possible.[slideshow:879429] Our favorite... read more