FBI Agent Opens Up Beer Parlor in West Village

Don Borelli has gone from scoping out the bad guys to scoping out the best brews in town.  Borelli is a 30-year veteran of the FBI security and counter-terrorism force, who just recently... read more

Boutiques With Benefits: 10 Places To Shop & Drink

Boutiques With Benefits: 10 Places To Shop & Drink
With online and mobile shopping at an all-time high, brick-and-mortar stores are feeling the pressure to make their shopping experience as worthwhile as possible.[slideshow:879429] Our favorite... read more

Great Spock! Star Trek Klingon Beer to be Released Soon

Do you think this is what they meant by live long and prosper? The Federation of Beer, in partnership with Star Trek, is known for their Vulcan Ale, and now they are releasing a new product: Warnog,... read more

Heineken Jumps on Margarita Bandwagon with the Dos-a-rita

Summer is coming (eventually), and that means before you know it, it’ll be time to kick back with some light summer beers and margaritas. Why not have both with Heineken-marketed Dos Equis... read more

We Tasted the New Game of Thrones Beer and It Was Glorious

You think you know beer? You know nothing, Jon Snow! The Daily Meal got to sample the latest Game of Thrones-themed beer from Brewery Ommegang called Fire and Blood named after the House Targaryen... read more

Farewell, Four Loko

Farewell, Four Loko
Chicago-based company Phusion Projects LLC has agreed to cease production of its caffeinated alcoholic energy drinks, including Four Loko. The agreement will resolve allegations that Phusion violated... read more

Man Gives Up Food For Lent: You'll Never Guess How He Did It

The Catholic Church encourages its followers to give up a vice, habit, or type of food for Lent in the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday. But what would Pope Francis think about this guy’s... read more

Colorado's Governor Had Beer Taps Installed in His Mansion

The Democratic Party won’t be the only party going on in Colorado governor John Hickenlooper’s house. According to The Associated Press, Hickenlooper has announced that he had a draft... read more