Beer Can-Lined House Becomes Houston Tourist Attraction

For anyone who is an avid “pinner” on Pinterest, you'll see more than enough insane DIY projects, but one Texas resident was setting the trend before the Internet was created. Now,... read more

Flatiron Hall, Sister of Beer Garden Houston Hall, Opens in New York City

Since we covered the opening of Houston Hall back in January, business has been booming. The line is always around the corner, the beer is varied and unique (not to mention the wings are unbelievable... read more

Is China The New Craft Beer Market?

New craft beer market
The drink that people seem to craving most this summer (and over the past few years) is craft beer. And we get it; it’s beer but more awesome, individualized, and with more personality. Germany... read more

Is Beer More Harmful Than Marijuana?

Marijuana advocacy group at NASCAR
Anyone attending the major NASCAR race this weekend in Indianapolis will be surprised at one advertisement in particular. Two controversial issues, pot and alcohol, are compared in an ad, and... read more

Are You a Drunken Genius?

The question is no longer "are you smarter than a fifth grader?"; it's "are you smarter than a drunk?" The answer: probably not.  Hear us out: The good people at Best... read more

All Your Favorite Beer Labels, Brought to Life

Animated Beer Labels | In Motion | Gifs
Today's blog of the day: Beer Labels in Motion, in which Trevor Carmick takes a couple of our favorite beers, grabs their logo, and brings them to life in GIFs we could stare at all day. Of... read more

Australian Pub Tries Going a Night Without Beer

Testing a Pub Without Beer | Bar News
In a social experiment bound to anger bros everywhere, Schweppes has started a genius campaign where they create "pubs with no beer" as part of a "cocktail revolution." The... read more

St. Paul Brewery Sets Out To Make 'Nutritional' Beer

Now beer lovers may not have to justify having another drink — it may just be their daily dose of vitamins. Mr. McGeasil Brewing, a new craft beer company in St. Paul, Minn., is announcing... read more