Beer Companies Await Antitrust Decision in Mexico

Mexican beer
SABMiller, a South African beer company, and many other small Mexican beer companies are eagerly awaiting Mexico’s antitrust regulator to make a decision. The coming ruling on the lawsuit will... read more

Drinking Three Pints of Beer Can Slow Brain Functions By 20 Percent, Study Says

In news that shocked no one, a new study has found that drinking beer is not good for cognitive functions, but just how many it takes to slow your brain down may surprise you. According to the study... read more

Iron Maiden's Beer, Trooper Ale, To Be Introduced To British Parliament

Trooper Ale to be served to Parliament
The east London metal band, Iron Maiden, now has its own beer: Trooper. "I'm a lifelong fan of traditional English ale; I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when we were asked to create... read more

Samuel Adams Releases Ad Omitting God Reference In The Declaration of Independence

While there are often arguments about the separation of church and state, now the argument is being taken to the separation of church and beer. Hot after the Fourth of July, Boston Beer Co. and its... read more

Beer May Help Heart Health, Study Says

Beer Helps Heart Health | Study
Excellent; here's another reason to enjoy our morning brew (what, Belgians and Germans do it!). A new study supports the claim that beer helps increase heart health, lowering risk of heart... read more

Another Reason We Love Brooklyn Brewery: Kaedama Ale, Brewed Just for Ramen

Brooklyn Brewery, you've won our hearts yet again. The brewery has made a special brew for New York's beloved ramen restaurant, Ippudo. The partnership between Brooklyn Brewery and Ippudo to... read more

Which State Drinks the Most Beer?

It’s no surprise that Americans love themselves a nice, cold beer. But, what states love the brews the most just may surprise you. The Beer Institute put out its bi-annual list of the top beer-... read more

Constellation Brands Announces Plans For A Bloody Mary Beer

There are countless recipes online to make a “beer-y” Bloody Mary, but now all of this flavor can be found in a can as alcoholic beverage company Constellation Brands introduces a Bloody... read more