On Our Summer Wish List: A Beer Slushie Maker

What could be a better treat than a frozen beer slushie? Unfortunately, we are not quite there yet, but the Frozen Beer Slushie Maker, invented by Kirin Ichiban and produced by Japanese company... read more

This Summer Your Hard Cider Will Be Drunk From a Can

Cider In a Can
Once the down-market domain of soda and mass-appeal beer — hey, Bud! How are ya? — cans have become cool again. First, craft brewers started packaging their pale ales and IPAs in aluminum... read more

New Juicy Fruit Fruity Chews, and More Products We Tried

New Juicy Fruit Fruity Chews, and More Products We Tried
This week's round-up features brownie bites, chocolate ganache ice cream cones, sour cherry ale, and more! Available nationwide next month, Juicy Fruit has introduced a new “fruity chews... read more

Blogger Coerces Bud and Miller to Finally Unveil Ingredients

Have you ever wondered what’s in your beer besides malt, hops, and barley?  Even though most packaged food and drink products provide extensive ingredient lists on their packaging, blogger... read more

Watch These Guys Play 'Billie Jean' on Empty Beer Bottles

If only Michael Jackson were alive to see this! The Bottle Boys have certainly found a creative way to recycle! A YouTube sensation, this group of five friends from Denmark recreate pop songs, video... read more

New Ice Creams from Magnum, and Other Products We Tried

New Ice Creams from Magnum: The always-decadent ice cream team at Magnum is back with more desserts! The Magnum Infinity bar, available in the U.S. for the first time, comes in two flavors: Magnum... read more

This Fried Chicken Sandwich Explodes PBR Beer in Your Mouth

It turns out hipsters can have their Pabst Blue Ribbon and eat it too. The burger joint PYT in Philadelphia is now serving up a burger topped with a Pabst Blue Ribbon-filled wonton that’s meant... read more

3,300-Year-Old Beer Recreated From Ancient Coffin’s Residue

The scientists over at Jurassic Park used ancient fossilized residue to create dinosaurs, but the Danish have found a safer (and arguably better) ancient artifact to resurrect: beer. The Danish... read more