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Here you can browse articles, videos, slideshows, recipes, facts, tips, and tricks all about avocados! We’ll cover different ways to prepare avocado and incorporate this versatile and crazy-healthy food into everyday meals and snacks, and provide information about some of its lesser-known, health benefits.

We don’t stop there! We’ll explain how to entertain with avocados — think spicing up guacamole or throwing a Mexican food-themed party. And will report things you might not know, from how avocados can benefit your hair, nails, and skin, to alternative uses, as a substitute for mayonnaise, for example. It’s all avocados, all the time.

First, some history about this fruit — yes it is a fruit. During the Spanish conquest in the 1500s, avocados were grown from northern Mexico through Central America, into northwestern South America and the Andean region, and as far as Peru. The Aztecs actually used the avocado as a sex stimulant and the Aztec name for avocado was ahuacatl, meaning "testicle." The avocado is said to have arrived in America in 1856, when Thomas J. White grew the first one in Los Angeles, according to The California State Agricultural Society Report.

Avocados have since become so commonplace that they can be found in almost every American supermarket, and in a variety of dishes, from sushi rolls and salads to smoothies (they’ve even made their into beauty products, showing up as a popular ingredient in skin creams).

Clearly, avocado is a versatile food, one that has become popular in the United States and around the world. Our love for this superfood is expressed in our Avocados 101 section, with articles focused on five categories:

  • Cook: Ways to prepare and incorporate avocado into fantastic meals, snacks, and treats, and the health benefits of eating avocados
  • Entertain: Avocado preparation for any themed party or hosted event
  • Family: For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there is a way for every family member to enjoy avocados
  • Health & Beauty: Showcasing avocados’ health and beauty benefits
  • Alternative Uses: Unique substitutions of avocados for everyday uses

We hope you take away some new ways to enjoy avocados!

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