America's 20 Best Steakhouses

They’re not just restaurants, they’re houses of worship

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Bartolotta Restaurants
At Milwaukee's Mr. B.'s Steakhouse, steaks are aged for up to 35 days and are flown in fresh from Nebraska or Colorado.

From a Minneapolis institution whose claim to fame is called the "Silver Butter Knife Steak," to a 64 year-old San Francisco landmark that serves nothing but prime rib, America has no shortage of legendary steakhouses. Chef Mario Batali has a steakhouse in Vegas where he's aging steaks for over a year; a New Orleans power broker hangout tops their filet with fried oysters and béarnaise sauce; one Tampa legend offers seven different cuts in a total of 51 sizes, not to mention a 7,000-bottle wine list. We've searched far and wide for the finest steakhouses the country has to offer, and have found 20 that are must-visits for even the most casual carnivore.

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Think of the word "steakhouse" and you’re likely to immediately conjure one of a few mental images: red leather banquettes, gin martinis, and dark wood, possibly; or a sprawling room filled with folks in cowboy hats downing gargantuan rib-eyes and baked potatoes. No matter the environment, though, steakhouses all have one thing in common: they’re unabashedly dedicated to the unbridled consumption of meat.

Steakhouses are among the oldest types of American restaurants, developing in the United States in the late 19th century in several different formats thanks to a confluence of events: The construction of railroads allowed for fresh beef to be shipped all over the country from the major livestock hub of Chicago, by way of Kansas City, for the first time; stockyards all across the Great Plains were full of cattle, so naturally steak-centric eateries sprouted up on-site. At the same time, owners of inns and bars looking to serve food found an obvious choice in beef steaks. Meanwhile, Delmonico’s restaurant in New York pioneered American fine dining as we know it, complete with the white tablecloth, wine list, clubby atmosphere, and private dining rooms.

Today, we’re lucky enough to live in an America that has more varieties of restaurants — and steakhouses — than previous generations could have ever imagined. There are the cavernous, Wild West-style temples to beef and the cowboy way of life; the clubby power-broker-with-an-expense-account meeting places; the ones that more closely resemble a bar that serves steak than anything else, and the airy, modernist steakhouses that turn all conventions on their head. All of these types of steakhouses are included in our ranking of America’s best.

The best steakhouses in America are nothing short of temples, shrines built to honor the deceptively complex art of a perfectly cooked steak. Whether they're clad in red leather or plywood, décor is only one aspect of the overall steakhouse experience; when it comes down to it, it’s all about the steak.

To assemble our ranking of the best steakhouses in America, we first and foremost looked at the quality of the main event: the steak. Is it sourced reputably and USDA Choice or Prime? Is it dry-aged, and if not is it as fresh as can be? Is it served at the proper doneness without fail and with a touch of ceremony?

We also not only considered the level of local and national renown, but the overall steakhouse experience, which is (almost) as important as the steak itself. No matter the setting, the service must be top-notch, the attention to detail should be spot-on, and diners should feel compelled to sit back in their chair after their meal, pleasantly stuffed and content in the knowledge that they just ate one heck of a steak.

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Dan Myers is the Eat/Dine Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow him on Twitter @sirmyers.

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Cattleman's Steakhouse outside of El Paso in my opinion should be ratted #1. Our daughter and son-in-law took us there when we went to visit them in April. It's atmosphere is truly what a Steakhouse restaurant should be. It has lots to of great food. The landscape and the views were wonderful. With a big pond, horses and cattle all around plus other animal, you can walk around and see everything going on around the restaurant-ranch. We were there for 8 days and my husband wanted to go back before we left for Michigan. Which we did. We are going for a visit to our daughters again at Christmas and my husband says he would eat there every day while we are there. But I told him 2 times will be enough.


Jess and Jim's, are you kidding? They wouldn't make top 20 if there were only twenty steakhouses in America. Fatty ribeye (not in a good way) and the ambience of a Golden Corral. Not even the best steakhouse within 10 miles. Lot of great places on this list but not that one.


If ya want ambience go pay for ambience if you have tastebuds and know about good beef go to Jess and Jim's also I love the Hereford House in KC.


Total BS. A great steak is not gauged by how fancy the restaurant is

Pdc Corp's picture

Hello Daily Meal Readers.
I’d like to invite you to my family’s restaurant, the historic Pacific Dining Car steak house.. We’ve been perfecting the steak dinner in Los Angeles since 1921 and we would love to throw our ring in the hat as one of the top contenders for premier steak houses. We serve prime U.S.D.A corn-fed beef that’s aged and sliced on the premises with the care and attention to detail we’ve been proud of for four generations. We would love the opportunity to serve you the very best in a cocoon of velvety elegance. We’re always open, always outstanding.

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