Airlines Start Serving Nicer Cocktails

Fancy cocktails, craft beers, and upscale wines are now offered in-flight
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Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines

U.S. airlines such as Delta, United, US Airways, and Virgin American are starting to serve cocktails similar to those served at nightclubs, according to The Huffington Post. The move is seen as a way for airlines to make more money on for-purchase in-flight cocktails.

Virgin American's new drink list includes a Grandma's Coffee, an iced-based cappuccino with Jack Daniels whiskey, for $9, while US Airways is partnering with Stirrings, a mixer company, to sell mojitos and cosmos for $8 a piece, according to The Huffington Post.

Delta is serving the Sky Breeze, a concoction of vodka, Fresca, and cranberry-apple juice, and bourbon from Woodford Reserve, both for $7. Some airlines are even getting into the spirit with destination-inspired drinks like United's $9 Trader Vic Mai Tai, which is served on flights to and from Hawaii.

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