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Cocktails 101: Irish Hot Toddy


March 3, 2015

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Call this a slight intervention, you St.
Chicken Thigh Cutlets Stuffed with Olive and Dried Plum Tapenade

Recipe of the Day

Chicken Thigh Cutlets Stuffed with Olive and Dried Plum Tapenade

The addition of prune purée to olive tapenade helps keep chicken moist and adds a touch of natural sweetness. Recipe courtesy of the California Dried Plum Board.
Darina Allen shares her fondue tips plus more recipes from her new cookbook
The new SmartGrill by Lynx is part robot, part lean meat-grilling machine.
The Lynx SmartGrill learns how you like your meat cooked, and you can easily communicate with the technology
Centuries-Old Remains of More Than 200 People Discovered Beneath Paris Supermarket
The site that the supermarket is built on was once a hospital cemetery
How to Make Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies Every Time
Avoid these common pitfalls when you're baking everybody's favorite cookie
10 Healthy Skillet Recipes
In the kitchen, a great way to prepare a quick and nutritional meal is to combine a few of your favorite, healthy ingredients with your trusty cast-iron skillet. It’s not often that your cookware actually heightens the healthfulness of your meal, but in this case it does! Like a good wine, cast-iron gets better with age...

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