Canary Islands, Spain from 8 Unexpectedly Awesome Wine Regions

8 Unexpectedly Awesome Wine Regions

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Canary Islands, Spain

A favorite of editor, Talia Baiocchi, for its fascinating terroir. Wine is produced on all seven of the main islands, each of which is distinguished by its own unique variety of microclimates and mineral-rich volcanic soils. "They grow vines in these holes. It's a crazy, sci-fi-looking place, and it's somewhere that should never have had vines growing on it." Nevertheless, the islands have actually been producing wine since the 15th century — said to be a favorite of Jefferson and Shakespeare — and are some of the only pre-Phylloxera wines left in the world. Although an approximate 250 producers make wines on the islands, only 11 are exported to the U.S.