8 Foods You Should Never Freeze

Sure, the freezer keeps most food edible, but tasty? Not so much

When you make enough soup to feed a family for months, you can just pop it into that time capsule we call a freezer.

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But not every leftover can survive that deep freeze. Frozen food stored at a constant 0 degrees will always be safe, the U.S. Department of Agriculture explains — but that doesn’t mean it will always be palatable.

Check out this list before you pop something in the freezer to avoid an icky surprise in a few weeks. And be sure to check out our guide to how long food lasts in the fridge, too.

— Nancy Ryerson, HellaWella


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I agree with paula except that mine jumped all over the place; it went to an ad which when I closed it ,went to another ad which when I closed it went to a previous page and then to a ...Despite all this I THINK i managed to glean under "10 foods you thought you could never freeze", lettuce of some sort. under the "8 foods you should never freeze", lettuce. I'm not sure because the whole thing kept going like a berserk pinball. what the hell?

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The slideshow of the 8 foods you should not freeze includes the addition of "click here for full story" but nothing comes up.

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