Bern's Steak House (Tampa, Fla.) from 8 Extravagant Restaurant Wine Lists Slideshow

8 Extravagant Restaurant Wine Lists Slideshow

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Bern's Steak House (Tampa, Fla.)

With both incredibly old bottles (a 1792 Madeira) and incredibly expensive bottles (senior sommelier Eric Renaud found a rare double magnum of 1947 Latour valued at $30,000 last year), the half a million-plus bottle wine list at Bern's Steakhouse is undeniably extravagant. Recently featured in Wine Enthusiast's list of 100 Best Wine Restaurants in America 2011 (not to mention it was one of our picks for the 101 best restaurants in the country), Bern's employs three top-notch sommeliers who can help guide you through their 180-page wine list. Plus, if you want to drink extravagantly but don't want to commit to a bottle, they offer 200 by-the-glass options with vintages dating back to 1973.