7 Prohibition-Era Cocktails for Repeal Day

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Toast the anniversary of Repeal Day with classic cocktails
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Drink like Prohibition has just been repealed!

The history of Prohibition has fascinated cocktail and spirits lovers for decades; now, on the 79th annivesary of Repeal Day (Dec. 5), the tradition of classic cocktails still lives on. 

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Some of the most traditional drinks we drink today were born during the supposedly "dry" era of America's history. Take the Sazerac: it's been called the first original cocktail, and rightfully so. Using his homemade bitters, Antoine Amedie Peychaud added the Peychaud's bitters to a brandy toddy and birthed a movement that defines the New Orleans cocktail scene.

Then there's the Clover Club, from Philadelphia's now-closed eponymous bar. The egg cocktail has garnered more and more fans since its early days, including at New York City's most famous watering hole, the Pegu Club. 

There's no better way to toast the forefathers who repealed Prohibition than with a drink made by them. Click here to find 7 Prohibition-era cocktails, recipes that will last through the ages. 

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7 Repeal Day Cocktails
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