The 60 (Plus) Coolest People in Food & Drink 2014 (Slideshow)
Grant Achatz
José Andrés
Dave Arnold
Mario Batali
Rick Bayless
Jeff Berry
Tito Beveridge
Daniel Boulud
Danny Bowien
Tom Bulleit
Todd Carmichael
Jennifer Carroll
David Chang
Jim Clendenen
Amanda Cohen
Tyler Colman
Ron Cooper
Darrell Corti
Camas Davis
Robert Del Grande
Dom DeMarco Sr.
Kerry Diamond & Claudia Wu
John T. Edge
Brian Ellison
Elizabeth Falkner
Susan Feniger
Bobby Flay
Aaron Franklin
Jonathan Gold
Randall Grahm
Paul Grieco
Christopher Hirsheimer & Melissa Hamilton
Lee Jones
Judy Joo
Thomas Keller
Alan Kropf
Tim Love
John Lynch
Jack McGarry
Jeffrey Morgenthaler
Nathan Myhrvold
Michelle Obama
Cindy Pawlcyn
Jacques Pépin
Adam Platt
Jennifer Rubell
Rosie Schaap
Lydia Shire
Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo
Nancy Silverton
Frank Stitt
Susie Strassburger
Michael Symon
Dale Talde
John Thorne
Christina Tosi
Norman Van Aken
Jonathan Waxman
David Wondrich
Andrew Zimmern

Grant Achatz

Achatz's culinary pedigree includes training with Thomas Keller, Ferran Adrià, and the late Charlie Trotter. After basically being told by Trotter that he was persona non grata, he returned to Chicago and took over the city, first with Trio (making a suburb a must-visit destination for anybody serious about dining), and then with Alinea, where course after dazzling, perception-challenging course forged a distinctly American identity for what nobody really ought to call "molecular gastronomy." With his second restaurant, Next, Achatz invented something new, a restaurant that changes concepts every few months — and, incidentally, redefined the way restaurants think about reservations. Oh, and on the side, he has created one of the most original cocktail bars in America with Aviary, which is cooler than the crystal-globe-like ice cubes that enclose some of the offerings.