1. Bite-Sized Brunch from 6 New Ways to Host a Housewarming Slideshow

6 New Ways to Host a Housewarming Slideshow

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1. Bite-Sized Brunch

Ever been to a restaurant or a party where you’ve wanted to devour every single dish you spot? Yeah. So have we. The solution? Serve up mini versions of all your favorite foods. And as there is nothing better on a weekend than a low-key, midday brunch where guests can stop by (for a tour) and a bite to eat, then go, it’s the perfect gathering for a housewarming. Prepare miniature versions of breakfast favorites, like pancakes and bacon, and add in more savory options like egg sandwiches and quiches. Ask guests to bring the makings for their favorite breakfast beverage (be it OJ, java in a box, or mimosas). (Gifting breakfast table staples like egg cups and beautiful napkins is optional.)