Billy Sunday, Chicago from 6 Great Gin and Tonic Bars Across the Country

6 Great Gin and Tonic Bars Across the Country

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Billy Sunday, Chicago

Matthias Merges’ recently opened cocktail haven doesn’t just serve gin with their house-made tonics; Merges, a former Charlie Trotter’s chef, and mixologist Alex Bachman have put four tonic cocktails on tap, each with their own distinctive spirit and house-brewed mixer. Blanco tequila gets a tonic of sweet woodruff and wormwood; rum gets mixed with a tonic infused with goji berry and wild cherry bark; and bonded rye is paired with burdock and dandelion flavors. The classic gin and tonic might seem plain, with a mixer made with cinchona bark, lemongrass, allspice, and citrus, but the addition of Turkish rhubarb and black aloe makes the tonic syrup every bit as good as it is over at Yusho’s.