5 Tricks For Slimming Down Salads

Plus more healthy eating tips and advice from TV host and cookbook author Allison Fishman

5. When to Use Full Versus Low Fat Products

It totally depends on the recipe, for example, for a pasta with asparagus and pasta with beets, I use skim milk in both of the sauces. The fat from the milk is not going to help you with those recipes. For the pasta with asparagus, I whisk goat cheese with a little skim milk and make a creamy cheese sauce. That creamy sauce gets all of the pasta, and it tastes a lot like a rich, creamy sauce, but it’s not.

In my fridge, I have both whole and skim milk. In my coffee I’m gonna have whole milk, but in my cereal, skim. You’ve got to ask yourself, am I going to taste this is my coffee? Hell yes! Will I taste it in my cereal? Not really.


What are some tricks or tips you have for people who are looking to cut back on calories but still eat well?

It’s funny, I was actually just tweeting about this. I’ll tell you what I just tweeted: If you’re eating healthy 80% of the time, you’re doing just great. Other tips I tell people are not to cook more than three dinners a week. Other nights you can reheat or have other people cook, but you have to set yourself up for success because if you don’t, then it’s going to be too hard. You might cook great meals seven days a week, but, for me, part of healthy eating is enjoying the process, and if you’re just doing it to make other people happy, then you’re not going to enjoy it or feel good. 


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