1. Pack a Meal from 5 Tips for Being a Helpful Houseguest Slideshow

5 Tips for Being a Helpful Houseguest Slideshow

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1. Pack a Meal

Make a dish before you leave town. Pack it in good Tupperware and stow it in a tote. This can be a baked chicken that keeps and reheats well, without requiring the oven to be on for hours upon arrival. Or grilled vegetables and pesto on baguette is a great option for a picnic in the car en route. It could be quick bread or muffins for breakfast. It could be cookies. But while sweets double as a hostess gift, they don’t necessarily count as a meal. When you bring a fully made meal, you prevent group decision-making and shopping. You can buy the ingredients at a store you’re used to and where you know where the bargains are. Plus, you’ve got your pantry and your tools to cook with. And no friends hanging around to distract you. People will be really happy to sit down to a whole meal, especially after a long trip.


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