5 Simple Gluten-Free Swap-outs

I once went for pizza with a lactose-intolerant boyfriend. We thought it would be cute if we tackled a slice of pizza together – I’d eat the cheese and he’d eat the crust. Guess what? It was just sad. We looked silly and people stared. Being gluten-free isn’t like having other food allergies – your throat won’t close up if you accidentally ingest it, you won’t break out into hives and your stomach (for the most part) will be fine. You’re also not restricted from one food group or confined to eating “health food.” Finding substitutions so you can still eat your favorite foods without risking damage to your immune system may be the worst part. The silver lining: You get to experiment in the kitchen, be creative when dining out and become a better cook and food enthusiast in the process. Here are some easy swap-outs (and ins) to simplify your quest to a satisfying meal.

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