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5 Easy Ways to Add Style to Your Table Slideshow

Heather Christo
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1. Color

When it comes to creating a table with color, there are two basic angles I will take:


A) Monochromatic: Choose one color (or subtle variations on the color) and use it throughout the table. It could be everything from the tablecloth to the centerpiece all in the same color. Alternatively, sometimes I will mix basic white linens and plates with a brightly-colored centerpiece and coordinating pops of color through the use of drinking glasses or accent plates.


B) Contrasting Colors: Finding two colors that are contrasting, (think blue and orange, purple and turquoise, or pink and yellow) can be an exciting way to showcase your collections of linens, glasses, or plates, with a drool-worthy effect. When brought together in a mini work of art, two clashing colors have this energy that I love. This is an especially eye-catching look if you have a tablecloth in one saturated color, like a deep blue, and then place pops of the contrasting color — like bright orange plates, napkins, flowers, and candies in this case — throughout the table.