The 2012 St. Croix Food Fantasy Giveaway

A winner has been chosen to attend the St. Croix food and wine festival!

The 2012 St. Croix Food Fantasy Giveaway
Divi Carina Bay All-Inclusive Beach Resort & Casino

The Daily Meal teamed up with the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism to offer readers the chance to win a trip for two to the St. Croix Food & Wine Experience, held April 17 to 22. The winner will join award-winning chefs like Ana Sortun and Govind Armstrong for four nights of their choice during a week's worth of culinary events. The package also includes airfare for two, plus a four-night stay at the Divi Carina Bay All-Inclusive Beach Resort & Casino. 

Entries had to be submitted between March 20 and April 1 to be in the running — contestants just had to fill out the form on this page and leave a comment explaining what they were fantasizing about eating in St. Croix (making sure to sign up for a profile on our page so we could contact them!)

The winner was recently chosen, and we're thrilled to announce that it's Emily Bonney! Emily, while you're down in St. Croix, make sure to hit some of our favorite restaurants and destinations — here are some to pick from.

We look forward to reading about all of Emily's delicious experiences here on The Daily Meal when she returns from her trip to the St. Croix Food & Wine Experience!

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kr's picture

THE DATES to enter this contest have past, how odd to feature it!?


I was notified on 04/04 that I had been chosen as the winner. What great news! We quickly filed our liability, publicity and guest releases, along with tax form W-9, and began fantasizing about the island, the various food venues, and the warm tropical sun and sea. We love the islands, but the lagging economy (I'm a carpenter) made a trip this year impossible. This prize solved all that.

However, I have just been informed that The Daily Meal cannot verify my timely application, and may renege and cause me to forfeit this prize. This is heartbreaking news, which I hope is premature, but nevertheless, devastating. I hope it is not true, but it may be fortunate for someone else out there. Good luck to us all.


ohhhh i see what you mean now because you didnt comment before the deadline...ugh :( that sucks


enjoy your trip, i hope thats not true for your sake


Does anyone know if the winner was announced??????


I wrote and asked and was told that it would be later today that they would announce the winner, whether this means they have been contacted already or not I dont know...


I look forward to eating at the Hibiscus Hotel - they offer good food and a great walk on the beach after your meal!

theline's picture

Can't wait to try the fresh seafood!!

andibarn's picture

Who was the winner?


i dont know, i wrote and asked today to the post on fbook and no response.....hmmm

TeacherMan's picture

The mojitos await!

Limabima's picture

I can't wait to savor fresh seafood while enjoying the sun and sand! Thank you!

itismebob's picture

I want to try the Mexican food down in St. Croix, as I already know the Seafood is GREAT down there.


Fresh Guacamole!! Yaaa! :) Fresh fish blackened and served up with a island rumrunner!!! Or one of those magnificent lobsters!

heatheranne99's picture

I'm fantasizing about eating lots of fresh fish and sipping on cold tropical drinks!

Zentje's picture

The amazing national St.Croix food, delish seafood, the amazing cocktails and mixed drinks!!! And everything nice to enjoy...

lucktm's picture

Craving seafood with some island flare paired with great wine!


Fresh Mahi Mahi with mango salsa :)

tomA's picture

I look forward to some fried salted codfish


Fresh lobster...Yum

LOV YA's picture


RobertP's picture

I would love to spend time in St Croix enjoying freshly made dishes, I have had such great experiences in St Croix and have told everyone how wonderful it is and especially the dinners!!! It is my loves birthday and would love to take her to this event, we both enjoy the art of culinary and would appreciate this so much! I feel that food is a ART! So whatever the artists want to serve up is open to me!!! Fresh seafood is a plus!


I would love to enjoy having anything whipped up for me on the Island of St croix with my love and family, we have family that lives on the island that we also visit. I had such a wonderful experience in the past visiting and going to the local places in Christiansted to would be the best Birthday gift ever as mine is the 17Th!!!!

TeacherMan's picture

Conch Fritters in one hand, mojito in the other with toes touching the sand.

Yumi's picture

I would like to eat some native dish such as conch in butter sauce or even kalaloo!

themugster's picture

Coconut shrimp, and lots of them, fresh-killed and fresh-grilled!

totes's picture

I love conch, anything conch washed down with some of the great Cruzan rum

Alakate's picture

Grilled lobster tail with a beautiful view.

AmyDoss's picture

I enjoy trying local cuisine and would love a chance to try fresh seafood seasoned with local flavors and spice along with fresh vegetables and fruits. I've heard that I could find a great fried plantain in St. Croix ;-)


My fantasy would be having to have had arranged a Wednesday afternoon sail with Captain Kara to go around Green Cay and the Islands after having attended the Food Fight and before dining at Galleon - all whom I do not know but may know of. I would have the boat stocked with Delicious light items from Schooner Bay Market with a few extras...some Senepol Steak they arranged for us to try from local chef Frank Pugliese, and hope to figure out a way to snag a case of Rose' from Villa Cervia...they must brought some extra! After all, where in Marrakesh, St. Croix or Charleston, a good rose' in the afternoon is always Switzerland to any pallete! The addition of a food historian who understands the history of culture and cuisine from Africa would be the proverbial icing on the Jessica Harris or the recently departed Norma Shirley from Jamaica. "Where did this curry come from...when was this dutch influence brought to us...British rum you say?" To unlock this fantasy, the key must consist of like minded relaxed foodies who can roll with enjoying an afternoon like this who I would have met at Tutto Bene Restaurant the night before as we all oggled over Govind Armstrong and Anthony Giglio; they and their food and pairings. Being that they have done their duty, maybe they would come with? Thank goodness I would have taken care of this all in advance, as I know I will get in trouble at the auction Tuesday night. The finale is that back at my hotel, the Diva Carina, the amazing staff has done as instructed and pressed my linen suit. A quick nap, a shower which feels so good on my newly tanned skin, a triple espresso and I am ready for my St. Croix evening to begin!

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