20 Ways to Improve Your Eating Habits Slideshow

Do It: Drink Water
Do It: Switch to Green Tea
Do It: Eat Breakfast
Do It: Snack Smart — If You Must at All
Do It: Start Listening to Your Body
Do It: Add Vegetables or Greens to Every Meal
Do It: Choose Lean Proteins
Do It: Eat More Whole Foods
Do It: Eat a Variety of Nutrient-Rich Foods and a Balanced Diet
Do It: Cook More at Home and Ahead of Time
Lose It: Drinking Soda — This Means Diet, Too!
Lose It: Using Artificial Sweeteners
Lose It: Unnecessary Snacking
Lose It: Emotional Snacking
Lose It: Completely Letting Go of Healthy Eating Habits During the Weekends
Lose It: Juicing — For More Than a Few Days
Lose It: Mindless Eating
Lose It: Skipping Meals
Lose It: Eating on the Go and Convenience Foods
Lose It: Going Food Shopping Without a List