10 No-Cook Ideas for Weeknight Dinners

What to make for the family when the mercury spikes
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By now, most of us have experienced the blazing hot heat, humidity, and sun of summer. Think back to those days — now what did you have for dinner? If you’re like me, you probably found yourself trying to come up with a quick, cool, and refreshing dish you could put together without getting near the toaster or stove… or you may have found yourself seeking refuge in the blast-chiller-like temperatures of your local go-to restaurant and shelling out the bucks for a family meal out.

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The next time the temperatures climb over 95, forget dining out and instead fix something light, healthy, and delicious for the family at home. Cool gazpacho is easy to make and refreshing (plus, if you make extra, it’s perfect for lunch the next day). If you have kids, they’ll love designing and rolling their own wrap sandwiches. Just two of you? Pop open an ice-cold bottle of white or rosé and enjoy a platter of chilled Mediterranean dips and spreads. Craving protein? Why not try a cold crab and avocado salad, or a tuna ceviche with cilantro and soy? Whatever you choose, plate it up then go enjoy it in the coolest part of your house.

Click here to see the 10 No-Cook Ideas for Weeknight Dinners Slideshow.

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