1. Eggs from The 10 Most Common Food Allergies

The 10 Most Common Food Allergies

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1. Eggs

Eggs are great for protein, energy, and filling you up. But to those who are allergic, eating eggs in any recipe can be rather unpleasant. While mostly children less than 5 years old suffer from this allergy and often outgrow it, some carry it into adulthood. There is no cure or treatment for an egg allergy, though you can be regularly tested to see if your tolerance for them changes. Sadly, eggs are not always listed as "egg" on labels. Watch out for the terms albumin, globulin, lecithin, livetin, lysozyme, words with "ova" and "ovo" as prefixes, silici albuminate, simplesse, and vitellin. These all imply that egg protein is present. These can even be in shampoo or other cosmetic products!

Substitute: Avoiding eggs while eating out can be tough, but at home, egg-free cooking doesn't have to be. Surprising replacements in recipes include everything from cornstarch to flaxseed oil and even tofu.