10 Diets That Don't Work

If you're looking to lose weight, make sure not to try one of these diets

10 Diets That Don't Work

At least four out of five of your loved ones will resolve to lose weight in 2012. But making the decision to lose weight is one that comes with a multitude of psychological, emotional, and physical ramifications.

“Everyone is looking for the silver bullet [when it comes to dieting],” explains John Bock, nutritionist and dietitian at the Integrated Nutrition Therapy center in Southern New Jersey.

And it’s true — for the past few decades our culture has become obsessed with finding the secret to shedding the pounds. We've tried juice cleanses, eaten only grapefruit for every meal, and even purchased countless dehydrated meal plans from infomercials on TV. And most likely, we've even lost weight from them. The bad news?

“Thing is, there is no 'super food' that will save the day, ever,” promises Bock. “None of these diets are conducive to a long-term lifestyle change — something that you can stick too.”

The worse news: Many diets are detrimental to your health and mental stability. In our desperation to find said “silver bullet,” we've put ourselves in harm's way, especially when it comes to fad dieting. Some have tried everything from drinking 64 fluid ounces of water daily to literally chewing food and spitting it out. By restricting ourselves, we mentally create a conflict for a successfully healthy lifestyle, Bock explains.

“A nutritionist is just as essential as a family doctor,” he insists. “We can measure metabolic rates and design a plan that will work with your lifestyle to achieve long-lasting results.”

While some of these diets may help you lose weight in the short term, their methods can be unhealthy, and the pounds you shed usually don't stay off for long.

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i am a strict proponent of the low carb diet. it took 2 1/2 years to lose 100 lbs, and i have kept it off for 15 years, as i started low carb long before it's present cycle. this will always be my lifestyle eating choice as it works (ed); i am very healthy, heart-and-otherwise. i started on adkins, and then gradually developed the food choice list that worked for me. i cannot say enough good things about this plan. i eat a variety of vegetables, salad, fruit and meat, with very little fat of any kind added. this food style consistently gets a bad rap. i was obese for many years; obese no longer.


see the above.


The information you have on the HCG diet is a lie, why are you lying? Hundreds of people have lost weight and kept it off. You don't even describe the diet correctly and you, Laura look like an idiot for us who know anything about the diet, because you obviously did not do your research. Nice journalism.. good luck your career! ha !


I totally disagree about the low carb diet. It is very good, particularly for a diabetic as I am. I have been on Adkins since mid-August and am steadily losing ten pounds per month. My glucose scores range between 70 and 114, which is fabulous for me. The nutritionists are dead wrong about the amount of carbs a diabetic needs. Are you aware that the body creates all the carbs it needs? A diabetic should look into a low carb diet. I do not eat any grains or starchy vegetables, take a multiple vitamine every day. I plan to make this my daily diet once the weight loss is accomplished. I was in the hospital and served for breakfast a brand muffin (cake), yogurt, milk, oatmeal and orange juice. When I talked to the dietician she said that I needed the carbs. I didn't need that kind of carbs. I needed vegetables and a little fruit, not cake and orange juice.

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